Sunday, 28 September 2014

Products to be used in October

Just as any other beauty blogger I am slightly addicted to buying make up/skin and body care products. The problem we all have is that we end up with so much… crap (I don’t mean that the products are no good but that there is a lot of them). Let’s be honest! NO ONE needs 10 face creams, 15 body lotions, 25 blushes, 8 eyeshadow pallets …and so on. I sometimes feel like I will never use this stuff up, it will go bad and I will have to throw it away. I hate waste and I hate to think that all those lovely products I have spent my money on will end up thrown away. I have therefore decided to go on a shopping ban. I am literally not allowed to buy any beauty stuff.  

But that’s not the end. I will be picking few makeup and skin care products at the beginning of each month to make an effort of using the stuff. There is no way I will actually use up a product in one month but at least it will be used and loved for a month. I will switch the products up every month just so I don't get bored. So this is kind of like a reversed version of Monthly Favourites.

I am pretty sure that I am doing an opposite to every other beauty blogger out there. But this is who I am. I don’t like to accumulate unnecessary things and I especially don’t like to stash unused items I have spent my hard earned cash on. Don’t get me wrong, I like to shop and buy new products. But I think it’s time for me to face reality – I don’t need so much stuff and the thought of having billions of blushes does not make me a happier person, even thou I do love a nice blush.

Above are skin/body care and makeup products for October. This will give me a good opportunity to truly try and test the products and do some reviews at the end of the month. I hope you will find my monthly updates on this somewhat interesting.

Sylwia x 

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