Friday, 12 October 2012

Make up Storage

I got the names completely wrong here! Muji is the affordable storage website. The expensive stuff is The Clear Cube! Apologies.

Quite a while ago I’ve noticed this craze for Muji acrylic storage drawers. Youtubers and Bloggers were paying crazy money for something (that to me is a bit of plastic) because Kardashians have it? I don’t mean to offend anyone here. Off course people can buy whatever they want and for whatever price they want but Muji prices are ridiculous.

Saying all that I have to admit that the storage looks great and the whole ‘mix and match’ really is a pretty good idea.
I was so excited when Vipxo did a post on affordable acrylic storage ideas. I immediately went on ebay and purchased one of the sets.

It’s made out of two parts. One being the drawers and the other lipsticks/misc. compartments. I keep them together but the option of separating them is there. I have to say it doesn’t hold that much stuff and the drawers aren’t very deep (won’t fit two compacts on top of each other in most cases). But it definitely tidied my dressing table. Lots of everyday use bits and pieces like eyebrow pencil, mascara or foundation have their own little home and are quick and easy to reach for in the mornings.

Here’s where I bought mine – click.

What do you guys think about this kind of storage?

Sylwia x

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