Sunday, 16 September 2012

Most Used Summer Items

It was love at first whiff with both of The Body Shop fragrances I purchased from their website. White Musk Sun Glow Eau De Toilette is a fresh, light scent with a hint of flower notes. It doesn’t last very long so I carried Pink Grapefruit Body Mist in my handbag for refreshing spritz during the day. It’s a true grapefruit scent – slightly sweet with that bit of bitterness running thru it.

For my face I’ve been using Mac Face and Body foundation which is my 'go to' base every summer. It’s light formula and light coverage but it’s buildable. Despite it lasting pretty well in the hot weather I still have to touch up my makeup during the day due to oiliness of my skin. I really like Kleenex Absorbing Sheets as they leave my skin looking so much better than the sheets with powder. After using those I’ve been spraying Mac Fix+ for some refreshment.

Garnier Roll-on
has served lovely cooling purpose for my eyes in the mornings and evenings. I found it really de-puffed my under eyes. I’ve been minimalistic with my makeup in the summer. The less is on the face, the less can melt. Stila Convertible Color (shade Gerbera) has been very handy, well lasting cheek and lip cream. I also became to love Revlon Lip Butters (shades Cupcake & Strawberry Shortcake). They are moisturizing, don’t have to worry too much with the application and they come off of the lips evenly. There is nothing worse than patchy lipstick leftovers.

Let me know what items you found yourself reaching for the most this past summer. Are you guys ready for fall? I’m not! I wish we’d have summer all year long…

Sylwia x

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