Monday, 10 September 2012

Empties #9

Naked Shine Hydrating Conditioner – an average product in my eyes. It’s ok for day to day use but I found it’s not enough to keep my hair constantly moisturized. But it’s ok in conjunction with an intensive once-a-week treatment.

Sephora Bath & Shower Gel Strawberry/Raspberry – it smells gorgeous and the packaging looks very chic on the bathroom shelf. But the product itself isn’t anything special – just a typical shower gel.

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator – I’m not that keen on gritty face exfoliators but this was really nice. Particles are very small and not abrasive. It left my skin feeling very soft. Only thing that confused me is that it’s called ‘gentle’ yet not suitable for sensitive skin. My skin is sensitive but not to extreme and I didn’t have any irritation problems using this.

Collection 2000 Big Fake Mascara – I didn’t use this at all. I bought this ages ago and not only I picked up brown instead of black (did that on more than one occasion) but also the mascara was already dry in the tube. I don’t think I would’ve liked it anyway as it’s got massive brush which I don’t like. That was a waste of £5.

Farmona Vanilla Body Wash Scrub – first of all I don’t understand the name of this product. It’s not a wash in any shape or form. It’s just a scrub, it does not lather. As a scrub I found it did the job very well but it’s not going on my faves list. I found it a bit harsh sometimes, scent is a bit chemical and it doesn’t leave that nice silky film on the skin afterwards (some people hate it but I love it).

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream – really, really nice product. Smells lovely, moisturizes well, sinks in rather quickly and doesn’t make the skin oily.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – I would not paint my nails at all if not this. Speeds up the drying process by 90%, gives gorgeous shine, makes the polish last longer. Already re-purchased! Only complain – goes gloopy pretty quickly so it needs thinning liquid added from time to time.

Affinage White Ice Shampoo – perfect for blondes! It’s dark purple in colour and it actually stops the blond from fading/going yellow. It’s quite drying so I didn’t use it more than once every two weeks.

Eveline Olive Creamy Milk – lovely body lotion for summer. Very light in texture and scent. Fast absorbing and just well moisturizing for the summer. I love the pump too, very handy!

Sylwia x

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