Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ELF Cosmetics Sale Haul

Hello sweeties!

Last weekend I have received a Free Delivery code for ELF website. I obviously took advantage of it and immediately placed an order :)
I was really surprised when post man handed me a parcel with ELF logo on it just yesterday :) So I thought I will share with you what I got. Majority of the items were in the sale so you might still get some of them if you hurry. Brilliant thing with Elf is that once you place your first order you get lots and lots of discount codes on your email. I only order from them when I've got a promo code :)

  • Natural Eyeshadow Palette £1.75 sale
  • Smoky Eyeshadow Palette £1.75 sale
  • Conditioning Lip Balm Mellow Melon £3.50
  • Nail Polish Smoky Brown £1 sale
  • Nail Polish Cranberry £1 sale
  • Matte Finisher Nail Polish £1 sale

I only paid £10 for this lot! I will test everything out and let you know my thoughts.

Dose of randomness:
  • "Girl with the Dragon tattoo" movie was really good! I am glad I have read the book before seeing it thou
  • I have got so many ideas for blog posts and so much I would like to show you peeps! Just not enough time :(
  • I am like 10 years late on the whole "matte nails" wagon but looking forward to see how it looks
  • I have got three scratch cards in front of me right now.... I might be telling you in my next post that I am going to Maldives on a holiday.....NOT


  1. I just ordered from ELF too and the delivery was excellent! love the products so far :) x

  2. i've heard about ELF but never tested their cosmetics, so maybe one time i 'll do it?:)
    These are nail glitters which you mentioned about on my blog?
    Mandragore A. Goutal is amazing, such a beauty scent..i love it

  3. wowwwwwwww its been a long time since I purchased elf products that I nearly forgot about them...You might have just tempted me to go splurge on some products...hmm

  4. @4premiere I am still waiting for my glitter polishes. These are just normal ones :)
    @TzeYien89 I think Elf is well worth a try! Even if you don't like it it's £3.50 at most :)
    @Hayley I used the Natural palette and it's really nice. Just one shadow is not so good but the rest are lovely :)

  5. Nice stuff, I love all those polishes!

  6. You got a great deal!


    Stella Rose


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