Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Empties #12

Batiste Tropical and Fresh
- defnitely my favourite dry shampoo. Works really well, smells lovely and gives volume. Unfortunately it leaves white powder on the hair so it worked great when I was a blond but I can't use it as a read head now :(

Lazyhead Dry shampoo - I got this from Home Bargains for 50p. I thought it was worth a try for that price... well ... it wasn't. It did absolutely nothing!

Loreal Preference shampoo - this came with a red hair colour I got a while back. It lasted for about 4 washes and my hair felt lovely after using it. Unfortunately red washed out super quick anyway.

Bioderma Sebium Matt Gel - I would highly recommend this product to the girls with oily skin. It definitely helped oils coming through during the day.

Radox Moisture Shower gel - this belonged in my gym bag and I used it in the shower after a gym session. It lathered well and didn't dry my skin out. I would re-purchase.

Tresemme Platinum Strenght Deep Conditioning Treatment - My hair has been going throught super dry faze for quite some time now and I used this treatment as a regular conditioner. It worked really well and decreased hair tangling.

Naked Volume shampoo - All time favourite. Not sure how many bottles of this I have already used up.

Organic Surge Daily Care face wash - I didn't really think much of this. Regular face wash, little bit drying. I wouldn't re-purchase it.

Neal's Yard Remedies Orange Flower facial wash - I adore Neal's Yard products and this wash is not exeption. It hardly lathers but that's not a problem for me. I used it in the mornings to re-fresh and cleanse the skin after the night. It always made my face look looking brighter and more awake.

Naked Hydrating Shampoo - I like this just as much as the volume shampoo. This one is more hydrating but I can't use it too often as it does weigh don my hair (they are super thin). It works great as a shower gel too, very moisturising.

Nivea Invisible anti-perspirant - works good and true to the label doesn't leave any white marks.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream - I have to admit that this cream did feel more luxourious than a high street brand. It did smell lovely too but I didn't think it actually energized my skin. I didn't really notice any difference in my skin's appearance.

Clinique superfit foundation - I wouldn't say it was long wearing, bit dry formula. Not bad but not great.

Sanctuary Body Souffle - nice texture but not moisturizing enough for my dry skin.

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