Friday, 1 April 2011

ELF Studio cream eyeliner review

Recently I placed an order on ELF (Eyes Lips Face) website to try out some bargain cosmetics. One of my purchases was black cream eyeliner, from fairly new Studio range, which is meant to be professional quality for fracture of a price. Most of the products from this range cost only £3.50 and that’s how much this eyeliner was (Mac’s fluidline is around £12). What you get is 4.7 grams of product in plastic stylish jar and little angled brush. I’m not sure if plastic packaging is a good or bad thing. It doesn’t screw on tightly enough and I think it is more likely to break than glass, especially when traveling. On the other hand its light weight and at least you know you don’t pay for the packaging, besides at £3.50 who would complain!

I didn’t really like brush that came with it as it is too small to handle and I prefer thin precise eyeliner brushes over an angled ones.

Initially I absolutely hated this product. It was too creamy and my brush was sliding like an ice skate on my lid. Not only I couldn’t control the application but after 5 minutes it smudged all over my eye!

After 2/3 weeks I decided to give it a second chance and the difference was unbelievable. Application was very easy and fast. I had total control over where the product was going, giving me a chance to create very precise line. And most of all it didn’t fade or smudged throughout whole day.

But there is a major concern. If the extreme creaminess was gone after a fortnight then what’s going to happen after one month? Is it going to dry out completely and be unusable? I think quick drying is due to the packaging which is a shame, because product itself is definitely a winner.

So let’s summarize. I would recommend this product because:

*for £3.50 it’s definitely worth a try
*it’s creamy and easy to apply (ones it dries out a bit)
*doesn’t smudge or fade even after 8 hours
*it comes in some fun colours so it’s a cheap way to experiment
*perfect for those who just want to practice their eyeliner application

Have you tried any of the ELF products yet? What’s your opinion?

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